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adding micros promote algae?

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my nitrates and phosphate was a little high so i did 1/4 water change and just added a capfull of micro-nutrients and iron.
next day i saw more than usual thread algae on the leaves.

I guess micro-nutrients can trigger algae too huh?
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not so much micros and Iron specifically. I see excess of Iron trigger hair algae, so clean it up, spot treat with excel and skip a few doses.
IME, whenever I've upped my micro tracing, I get an initial spurt of algae what typically subsides when the tank adjusts for the new levels. For a while, I let that keep me from upping my micros, and I was grossly underdosing micros there for a while. So, something to consider...

dosing should be gradual and when you see the hair come on, skip a dose and keep it clean....your plants will let you know when you are grossly underdosing~
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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