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Adding Driftwood to an Established Tank

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I usually like smaller fish, and I was keeping ember tetras, galaxy rasboras for 5-6 years. When I went to local store to get some Pseudomugil Gertrudae for my 100x45x50 cm 200 liter / 50 galon tank, I saw a couple Apisto Cacatuoides and bought a pair. Such a newbie mistake. I didn't prepare my aquarium for them, but it was already established; running for years.

I have a big rock on the right side of my aquarium, blocking the sight of heater & filter intake & ph controller probe. So I want to remove that rock (slowly not to ruin the water with debris) and put a driftwood so I can get some tannins.

When I was looking for a piece of driftwood I also find a another really nice piece of wood with great texture.

So I want to introduce 2 x 35-40cm of wood to my aquarium but I'm really concerned about the fish I've had. It's been a week now, everyone seems happy. Don't want to mess with water too much. I also got some swords and anubias to plant for Apistos, but they wait for driftwood placements.

What do you suggest? Now curing the main driftwood with hot water.
Should I take the big gneiss rock to have a driftwood only aquarium? If yes, what should I watch for?

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You should be fine adding the driftwood, but the two things I'd mention are tannins and fungus.

Most wood will leach tannins (some more than others) which can actually be very beneficial for your livestock (and *may* slightly lower your pH). The possible downside is that not everyone likes colored water, and purigen does a good job of removing them.

For the fungus, most driftwood will develop a white fungus on them for a few weeks which may sometimes blow around the tank for a bit. This is normal and will go away on its own. Some fish and invertebrates will eat the stuff up faster than it can grow, so you may not see it depending on your livestock.

One last thing is if the rock you are removing is not inert, it may have been contributing to the general hardness of your water. I doubt it's something you'll have to worry about, but just something worth mentioning.

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