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Adding Calcium

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I think I need to add calcium. My shrimp have slowly been losing color over time, and my ramshorns aren't as prolific as they should be.

I tried adding an eggshell- they ate the protein off of it and then left it alone. Dunno if it's contributing any calcium to the aquarium...

I give the snails broccoli, which I hear is high in calcium. But I get the impression this isn't enough.

Do I need to get the calcium into the ramshorns and shrimp? (Through food) or do I need to add the calcium to the water column? Or both?

I guess the question is, what do I need to buy to solve this problem? Some sort of liquid fertilizer? Cuttlebone? DIY?

Thanks peoples!
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I add just a regular Calcium vitamin (like you would take) its 600mg. I add 1 pill once a week, it starts to dissolve and leaves a little pile of white powder, The snails and shrimp are all over it, They eat it like candy.

the calcium is just the generic form of caltrate with no other additives, I think a 120 count bottle cost me about $5.
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