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So I recently "upgraded" my two13w spiral CFL bulbs on my 10 gallon to a 20" Finnex 24/7. I was disappointed how weak the LED was compared to my bulbs. After my DHG and L. Grandulosa started to not look to well I threw my CFL's on to run concurrently with the Led on an afternoon blast of 4hrs.

So my question is, do you think I can run an 18" Finnex Ray II with my 24/7. Par data says the 18" model hits 72 par at 12" my tank is between 11 and 12" from substrate to lights. I'm figuring my 24/7 hits low 40's at that depth. Would I nuke my tank with light if I ran the Ray II on an afternoon blast?

L. Grandulosa
S. Repens
Red diamond sword
A. Nana
C. Wendii
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