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adding amanos

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to open top 30 gallon because I have detritus everywhere, it is a tetra (cardinal, rummynose) and rasbora tank. Has a hairgrass lawn and driftwood so there are plenty places to hide. there is a covering over the intake. ada soil, excel dosing daily, micro/macro regularly although my water has a very high amout of iron in it for some reason, with pressurized co2, high light. looking to add about 20+ and then 15 of another shrimp species, probably yellow shrimp or black bumble bee....any foreseeable problems??
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The only issue I can see might be the ferts you are adding. Shrimp don't seem to like chemicals being added to the tank. They might decide to jump out of the tank. Just something that I have had happen in the past when adding ferts to my shrimp thanks.
I was actually planning on buying through you zid....

are you talking about all the ferts? or like the excel and n?

I am new to shrimp so I don't know what I am doing...

Should I drop my levels of co2 and aerate more when they come in? what kind of acclimation do you do? my ph hovers around 7, my gh and kh are all pretty high, I would say 8-10 for both is an average reading...
The ph is good. and the gh and Kh really shouldnt be an issue with Amanos. I have found that dosing Excel they just dont like it. Most of the shrimp only tanks I dont dose any ferts at all. When I get mine in I drip acclimate them to the new water. The tank they are kept in has a large round air stone, internal filter and a fluidized filter on it. The temperature is about 72. If Co2 levels are high they will not like it either. I have really not had alot of problems with Amano shrimp. Just adding ferts was the only really time I had issues.
Amanos are tough. They'll be fine with ferts and wide range of water parameters. They're much bigger than cherries etc. though. 20 Amanos in a 30 gallon is going to seem crowded IMO. I keep mine in a EI dosed, co2 enriched tank. They've been in the tank for close to a year and none have gone airborne on me. (Open top tank). I've also used excel in the past which is pretty toxic.
My 10 gallon is my "shrimp" tank. I have a amanos, cherries,and h. rasboras. EI dosed, root ferts, 36w PC, DIY CO2, 74* water temp. My amanos are pretty dang... really old actually and are doing fine.
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