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Add co2 or not?

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So I currently have a 75 gal tank do weekly 15 to 20% tap water change. My tap has about .5 ammonia and about 5 to 10 nitrates. A few weeks ago I had bba and uesd excel to get rid of it and it worked great. I also got some great growth from my plants and some plants that were thought to be gone started to poke out of the substrate again so it helped with growth but I know in the long run will cost to much. Now I don't dose any ferts but could if I needed too but would hope that I don't have to preferably. I have some dry ferts. Now if I was to start adding co2 maybe about 1 bubble every 4 or 5 seconds which is still better than no co2 at all Would i have to start dosing or would the weekly water changes keep it going good. Also the lighting is one t8 32 watt daylight bulb. About 5 inches off the top of tank running 8 hours strait. Thanks to all in advance for any input.

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1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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