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Hi guys,

Hopefully you can help me with this question, at the moment I have my 30G with 2x18w T8 and 2x24w T5 and I don't think this is enough for the type of plants I want to grow, glosso to cover my gravel etc...

So i purchased a new light unit on ebay with 4x24w T5, it comes with 14.000 kelvin tropical white tubes, should I replace these with something else or will this do just fine?

Also will 4x24w T5 be enough for my tank? its 80cm wide and 50cm deep. Should I try to use my existing 2x24w T5? to make it a total of 6x24w T5??

Going to start dosing "Gregs ferts" recomendation, and use DIY CO2.

Many thanks
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