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I use to be in the hobby very deep, but school started kicking in and I couldn't maintain my tanks anymore. Most of this stuff has been sitting in my garage. I was going to save all this stuff for later, but I urgently need money to help pay for school :(.

I didn't take pictures of everything, but I can. Just PM me.

LOCAL PICK UP ONLY, near Cal Poly Pomona, CA
I can ship, but you would have to pay for shipping.

ADA 45F $55 I believe I have the box to this, but not the foam pieces. [/STRIKE] SOLD
[STRIKE]ADA Mini-L(I believe it has a small chip at the top, very unnoticeable, I can send a picture) $65[/STRIKE] SOLD
Eheim 2213 $45(has seachem purigen pouch)
Eheim 2215 $65 (has seachem purigen pouch)

[STRIKE]Hydor Inline Heater 300 Watt 5/8 $30[/STRIKE] SOLD
FishNeedIt 2x24Watt (bulbs about 6 months) (have giesemann bulbs) [STRIKE]$45 [/STRIKE] $35
[STRIKE]Finnex Ray2 Aquarium LED Daylight 20in (used for about 6 months) [/STRIKE][STRIKE]$50[/STRIKE] SOLD

I also have a bunch of small things that I can throw in for really cheap, a few bucks. Just ask me and I might have it.

I have some wood, and [STRIKE]seiryu stone too. [/STRIKE] SOLD

[STRIKE]I have some ADA sand, 1-2L of ADA Amazonia Soil Powder[/STRIKE] SOLD, dry fertilizers I can toss into too to sweeten a deal :).
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