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ADA Substrate?

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Ok I was looking to purchase some Aquasoil. I clicked on "extended information" and got this:

ADA 60cm (24in. X 12in.) = U.S. 15 gal. 1- 2 liter bag "S", Regular 1- 9 liter bag
or Special type

Standard U.S. 20 gallon (high or long) 1- 2 liter bag "S", Regular 1- 9 liter bag +
or Special type 1- 3 liter bag

ADA 90cm (36in. X 18in.) = U.S. 58 gal. 2- 2 liter bags "M", Regular 3- 9 liter bags
or Special type

ADA 120cm (48in. X 18in.) = U.S. 75 gal. 3- 2 liter bags "M", Regular or 4- 9 liter bags
1- 6 liter bag "M" Special type

ADA 180cm (72in. X 24in.) = U.S. 180 gal. 9- 2 liter bags "L", Regular or 9- 9 liter bags
1- 18 liter bag "L" Special type

*note that a a 9 liter bag of is approximately 20 lbs.

So...I had no idea I needed power sand too. Do I? How do I use it?

Thanks -
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You don't *need* PS. Barr argues that. Many people don't use it. But many people do, since it's part of the ADA line and it'll help start growth. Find some of Tom Barr (plantbrain)'s posts and you'll see alternatives to using PS.
Thanks, but just in case I decide too, I want to make sure that I am using it right. I am to put PS below the AS correct?

yes it goes under the aqua soil.
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