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ADA Mini-M cave setup

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I am going to make a cave setup using driftwood I picked up from my loca l aquarium society and lava rock I collected outside my back yard.

I need to buy more aqua soil but this is roughly how its going to look.

Any suggestions of plants to use ? I was thinking of using anubias petite "mini" on the drift wood but im not sure what else to use.

Any imput would be welcome, thanks !
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Nice setup and hardscape! I think accents of moss would look nice.
That looks really cool! When dry that driftwood looks just like the lava rock!
That cave is going to look killer! Are you thinking about doing a backlit background where you see through the cave (like a tunnel) to what appears to be the horizon, or are you going to black out the back of the cave to create a true cave effect? Either way will look good.

There was a member here that created a small cave or cove-like effect that looked really good, but I can't recall who it was. Maybe someone else can recall and share the link. It should be a great source of ideas.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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