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ada mini L setup

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Hello Everybody,
Im new to the forum and Hobby. I need a little help please. I recently purchased a ADA mini L and a few accessories. I am purchasing things a piece at a time. I was wondering how others have their co2 setup for this tank? What is the cheapest setup? I was looking at the ADA advanced system kit, is there an alternative? Also what size lily pipes do you get for the mini L? does it matter?
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you can use a full 5lb/10lb/20/lb setup with a nanotank if you want. i have the ada co2 system (not the advance) the only advantage is that it looks good on a desk

as for the lily pipes i think they have "nano" pipes but the size on those pipes would depend on what filter you use
This looks to be your cheapest setup at $60, but I don't know how well it works.

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Thank you so much for the information!
This looks to be your cheapest setup at $60, but I don't know how well it works.

This is the system I purchased for my mini L, but I'm still doing the DSM. From what I know, it's just a good as the ADA, but has a bigger tank. Check out the DIY section. There is a really good thread on a cheap co2 set up. I'm currently setting one of those up for my 55g.
Thanks! I got a 27w archaea light. I dont know the name of the brand. I purchased it at aqua forest.
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