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ADA lily pipes on a 5/8ID tubing?

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Does anyone know what size of lily pipes I need for a 5/8ID tubing, or 3/4 OD tubing? I have a rena filstar xp3 and I dont know if the lily pipes are compatible with these size of tubing. When i look up lily pipes the only size they have are 13mm and 17mm.
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13mm= 1/2" and if im not mistaken 17mm=3/4"
5/8 inside diameter tubing is 15.8750 mm
you would use ada 17mm pipe
honestly xp3 is rated at 450 gph. what ever that means in real life
i would be concerned the flow rate would be too high for glass pipe
but what do i know

opps sorry xp3 is rated 350 gph might be ok
so you think the flow rate for the glass pipe be okay? and thanks for clearing up the size
to tell you the truth im not realy sure
when i was thinking 450 gal( thats xp4) it concerned me
but its a xp3 350 gph and that probable when empty
with no hoses and at 0 head. lol
i have not seen any warnings on those pipes , you should be fine
hopefully someone else will chime in who uses ada pipes with a simular
flow rate, im sort of interested myself
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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