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ADA lily as surface skimmer?

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Is the ADA lily output vortex feature a good replacement for surface skimmer or overflow box as far as keeping the surface clean?
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While I don't have a lily pipe, my guess would be no. Reason being that it would not remove the surface sludge, at most it may help concentrate it into a central location for easier removal, but this would be dependent on the flow patterns in your tank.
That's sucks.. I will have an open top tank and was hoping that lily pipe would solve my surface sum problem. I really don't want to go the overflow box or surface skimmer route, but look like I have no other choice.
There is a post where people are saying that they really like a skimmer that hooks up to their canister filter, and on page 2 of this thread, mcd19 says that he only uses the skimming feature when he needs it.

Garuf says that you can adjust your lilly pipe in this thread:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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