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I am turning my ADA Mini M into a nano reef or a hardscape only tank. So I have some stuff to sell before I make the transition.

This is the tank in its glory.

[STRIKE]1. ADA Aquasky 36cm : $120 Shipped[/STRIKE] - SOLD
Has some minor blemishes/fractures on one side of the fixture. One cant even see them once the fixture is placed on the tank.

2. Huge Clump of Needle Leaf Java Fern : SOLD

Here is the portion in a 2 Gallon Bucket.

3. Eheim 2232 with in/out : No media or flow nozzle : $55 Shipped

4. 2 x 13mm lily pipe outflows : $20 Shipped each

5. 1.25Lbs of Fluval Shrimp Stratum and Fluval Supplements that come with the Fluval Spec : SOLD

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