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ADA and Ammonia

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A lot of people have asked about this and let me be one more.
In my new ADA amazonia tank (one week and 3 days old) I have really high ammonia. I have been doing 30%-40% water changes everyday and the ammonia has not changed at all. Its is at 1ppm.

  • The filter is brand new - Fluvial 206
  • I am using tap water.
  • I used a bit of old substrate from my old fish tank that had worms and snail in it. They look really happy in there.
  • The plants are growing really well!
  • KH went up from 35.0 to about 40.0ppm
  • No3 went up just a bit from last week to 5.0ppm
  • And my pH is high...ummm....low.... at 6.2. I turned down the co2 a bit and hope it will change for the better.
I know it takes time and any help about this would be great!

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Very normal for new ADA. There are not really a lot of practical solutions to speed up the cycle. I find Seachem Prime and Stability help. Let your tank go through it's course. Your pH will normalize a little more (the ammonia and nitrite presence are lowering it) once your cycled.

Keep up with water changes if you run high light and are worried about algae.
just seems like your bacteria isn't established yet - do you see any nitrite levels? if you see barely anything then your bacteria hasn't been even established. If you see extremely high levels then your bacteria is established but have a high load on their hands (this means you need to do water changes) Same process is for nitrite -> nitrate

Pretty much it all takes time but ADA substrate does put out a huge amount of ammonia so just have to be patient (I had an established HOB and it took about 1 1/2 weeks to get under control in a 6 gallon)
I use the Nutrafin Cycle and Prime and no water change for me. It was there for a week and my Ammonia reading was 2.0 last night. (It was pretty hight before)

It took me around a month to cycle my other tank.
That is still a young tank. Don't worry and let things go on its own course. The ammonia isn't uncommon with certain substrates (had it happen each time I used ADA, but went away when the bacteria population was large enough...can take weeks)
Thank all... Just wanted to be sure that this 1ppm for more then a week was normal and that my filter was not broken. Guess its not.
your fine. should take 3-4 weeks ormoredepending on carbonates in the water, ph, temperature and oxygen levels
Amazonia leeches out ammonia and I've been doing the same thing. I moved my Fluval G3 filter with existing biological filtration to my new 25 gallon tank and my ammonia's been 1.0 for the past 3 or so weeks. I was doing 20-30% water changes pretty much daily until recently where I had to move some of my fauna over to the new tank (just fish and they've been alright with the ammonia). The ammonia has started to go down to .5 or .25 and so it's just a process that takes a month even with existing filters.
Guys this is crazy!!!!!!!!!!! I added Nutrafin cycle to the water (about 3 hours ago) and my ammonia went down to 0ppm. Like it was never there from the beggeing... And now my Nitrate went up up up to about 15ppm. I did not do water change for two days now and I did not check the water yesterday because I didn't have the time.

Magic potion or just lipstick on a pig. Tomorrow I'll add it again and do water change and see what happens... too bad I did not pick up a nitrite test.

what do you think?

You should have added filter floss in this new filter to speed up cycle rather...Plant some weedy stuff as well...
nutrafin cycle is awesome stuff
the bacteria in it dies after about a month in the tank. it is short term use only.. by the nutafin hopes ur filter will have been colonized by more aqautic species of bacteria
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