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ada amazonia

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Im thinking of getting some amazonia substrate for my 10g cube. Question is do i need a 3l or 9l bag for a decent coverage on a tank that size?

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Multiply in cm length x width x height of the substrate you want then divide that by 1000. This will tell you how many litres you need.

I am guessing you would want the 9l bag, although you will only need 6 or so for a 2" (5cm) level.
I bought the small bag for my 3G and it was a little much but I sloped my substrate. You'll definitely need more for a 10g.
Better hurry up buying ADA products, as time is running out! price change will be effective Jan. 2011 AFAIK.

I used 2 x 3L bags for my Mini-L (8.5-ish gallons). I'd get the 9L in case you want a thicker substrate. 3L will definitely not be enough.
Thanks for your help guys...think ill just plump for the 9l as im slopeing side as well. Bit expensive but still cant seem to get hold of any nutrasoil in uk. Anyone had any luck?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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