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ADA - A few tanks

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Here are the ADA tanks I have setup, the most recent is the 30c which was started a week ago. All of the tanks are setup with regular aqua soil and nothing else. Every tank except the 60p has c02. The 60p is a crs only tank. I just trimed the 90p so it's not looking the best.

Please excuse the poor picture quality...

ADA Mini m -

Superjet es-150
Aquasky 361
Pollen Glass mini


ADA 30c -

Cube Cabinet
Superjet es-300
Aquasky 301
New Pollen Glass

Belem Hair Grass, Rotala Green, Rotala HRA, Rotala Indica

ADA 60p -

Superjet es-600
Solar 1

Rotal Green, Some others which I'm not sure of the name, ususally I throw in the extra plants or plants I no longer want in the other tanks.

ADA 90p -

Superjet es-1200
ATI Sunpower Dimmable
Pollen Glass Beetle with C02 Beetle counter and Cabochon Ruby

UG, Rotala Green, Rotala HRA, Rotala mini butterfly, Rotala wallichii
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Very nice setups. Love the cube cabinet.
Oh god, the look on my face if I ever hit that glass stand with something...

(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
What is the carpet plant in the last pic (I know I should know this haha.)
What is the carpet plant in the last pic (I know I should know this haha.)
That's ug (Utricularia graminifolia).

Wow, you really know what you're doing. Great work!
What is the carpet plant in the last pic (I know I should know this haha.)
yep, it's UG.
Wow, you are not joking around when it comes to ADA, superjets on all, ADA lighting on all but one. Even though I am not the biggest fan, I got to give you props on the glass stand for the cube.

The cube is may favorite so far but the 90P could surpass it quickly as it grows out. The mini m is nice and effective, I would love to see some DHG in the back, I know it's been done over and over but IMO it's a great combination.
Great looking tanks! Glad to see someone else in the sac area.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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