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ADA 90P Journal

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This will be a plant tank in the future, but for now I just wanted a low maintenance hardscape. I'm not delighted with the interior of the tank, and I'll probably change it soon, but I thought the setup was worth showing. When I convert it to a plant tank, I'll post those photos in this journal.

The stand was painfully constructed over nearly a year and I just got her up and running about a month ago. Sorry for the poor pictures of the tank itself.

Still being constructed during this photo, hence the mess inside the stand.

Hope you like it!
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Amazing job on the stand! Definitely something to be proud of.

Very nice scaping too. I like the high contrast between the soil and dark rocks/branches.
I like your tast. It reminds me of the "Shag" series of paintings by Josh Agle.
i like it, it is different but it is very nice
very nice. seems to be a part of the home
Thanks, all! Great to hear.

Klivian, I like your stand too. It fits your interior very well.

Speedie, your 120P is amazing. Great work. You'll have to a wait for a while for a plant tank. I probably won't even start building the light box 'til summer.

Justlikeapill, that "Shag" site had me engrossed for an hour. Really liked it. I definitely wouldn't mind some of that art hanging in my home!

Here's a little of the build:

I began cutting wood last November, but the next big push of putting it all together didn't come 'til Christmas and, later, at Spring Break (I'm a teacher) when I cut the circles and began staining. During the summer, most of the work was already done, but I still had to get the lighting worked out and some of the glossing done. I just recently got the scape hashed out, for the moment.

The idea was originally intended for my never-yet-used ADA Mini S, which is why this drawing is tall and skinny.

Refining the idea:

Putting the wood together:
That inside piece that's darker was used to test the stain and gloss before beginning to put it all together.

My son, Huck, helping out:

The finished box:

Routing the circles:
This is a little deceptive, because it doesn't show the jig thingy I used to make the circles. I definitely did NOT freehand the circles.

Staining and glossing:
Because I left the plywood edges nude, I had to gloss them first, then go back and tape over them while staining. I got better at it as I went, though at first I had some stain seep through in places. The gloss is just a water based brush on. It was pretty easy to work with, for the most part.

Get your gloss on.

Staining the door:
I had to gloss the nude circles first so the stain wouldn't seep into the wood there. The inside edges of the circles had to be glossed with a fine brush and in thin layers. It was a painstaking process. Here's the stain during application.

Glossing the door was the hardest part by far and the part where I had to be satisfied with "okay." I just couldn't brush around the circles and keep the gloss from puddling. In the end, it's a bit wavy where the other, flat surfaces are like glass.

I didn't take pictures of the light box, which is neat. Access is through panels in the light box that slide out just like the door of the stand does.

Anyway, thanks for taking a look!
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That's some nice craftsmanship. I like the hardscape, can't wait to see what you do when you plant it.
Are the wood shop classes for adults out there? I love it!
Wow you have an amzing eye for detail. It's beautiful. Good job.
Great scape, the contrast in substrate color and hardscape is really eye catching. Also, great work on the stand and great looking room. Looking forward to the progress of this tank.
Thanks again, folks. I think it's either a like it or loathe it kind of setup, so I'm glad to hear there are some on the like side of things.

You guys are making me want to get started making a more serious light fixture for a plant tank! I've got the supplies, just lacking the time. :(
I really like the look of your is very simple and amazing!!! it reminds me of ADG's tank:
sorry for digging up an old thread, I was searching ada 90p on google. Amazing set up there, the lighting, tank and cabinet becomes part of the home, it is beautiful! Do you still have the tank?
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