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Yes, you are looking at a NEW-IN-BOX ADA 8000K Bulb that was purchased a week ago! PM me for details!

$70 shipped


The NA Lamp MH-150W is a metal halide lamp, HQI with a ‘cool’ color temperature (8000K°). Furthermore its lighting spectrum has a high green color value, which is typical of all ADA lamps. This is a brand new double-ended RX7s-24 socket ADA 150W Daylight HQI metal halide replacement bulb, designed to emulate the perfect lighting conditions for a planted aquarium. Tropical sunlight at noon is peak at around 5000K - 6000K, and gradually increase to 8000K when depth increase to several feet below surface, this lamp provide the best possible mimic of tropical sunlight for your tropical plants and fish available on the market.

ADA is a reputable Japanese company, founded by famous aquarist and photographer Mr. Amano.

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