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ADA 60P Setup Iwagumi Style aquarium

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My first attempt at iwagumi aquarium back in 2015. Got some seyui rocks as hard scape, HC carpet, blyxa japonica at the back. I did a dry start method to help quickly develop root system for the HCs.

I used pressurized Co2, Light start with 2x UpPro light but then moved to MaxSpect Razer 120W 8000k (Best light i ever had!). I used ADA fertilizer for the first 6 months then moved to EI dosing. ADA has a really nice fertilizer line, but it is quite expensive to have, EI on the other hand is good too and very cheap!! Besides the 50% water change.

Here are some photos of the scape. I will be taking this tank apart after 1 year of planting. I will start a different aquarium setup in the next 2 months! Will keep you guys updated. Any questions about EI, ADA fertilizer Maxspect Razer or anything at all feel free to ask!

i used ADA power Sand Speical S as the base and ADA amazonia as the soil and topped it up with ADA amazonia power on top for better HC rooting system

Bump: Just a Photo of the light MaxSpect Razer 120W 8000k. its amazing and looks great!


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