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ADA 60P Setup Iwagumi Style aquarium

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My first attempt at iwagumi aquarium back in 2015. Got some seyui rocks as hard scape, HC carpet, blyxa japonica at the back. I did a dry start method to help quickly develop root system for the HCs.

I used pressurized Co2, Light start with 2x UpPro light but then moved to MaxSpect Razer 120W 8000k (Best light i ever had!). I used ADA fertilizer for the first 6 months then moved to EI dosing. ADA has a really nice fertilizer line, but it is quite expensive to have, EI on the other hand is good too and very cheap!! Besides the 50% water change.

Here are some photos of the scape. I will be taking this tank apart after 1 year of planting. I will start a different aquarium setup in the next 2 months! Will keep you guys updated. Any questions about EI, ADA fertilizer Maxspect Razer or anything at all feel free to ask!

i used ADA power Sand Speical S as the base and ADA amazonia as the soil and topped it up with ADA amazonia power on top for better HC rooting system

Bump: Just a Photo of the light MaxSpect Razer 120W 8000k. its amazing and looks great!


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Hahaha thankyou! It does take time and patients to grow it! But hc is quite hard to grow. You can try monte carlos. Its much easier to grow .its just alightly bigger than hc itself

Hah I'm growing HC right now in my 60P and it's going decently. Yeah grew MC before this and was also pretty okay but didn't really do anything different from now. Just gotta make sure the basics are down pat.
HC does really well in my emersed setup though, literally just left it and it has been going crazy.

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