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Tank Specs:

Espresso finished shelf
Koralia 2 powerhead
Marineland Stealth 50 watt heater
Sunlight Supply TEK 4x24 watt t5
DIY Paintball CO2

ADA Aquasoil Amazonia
ADA Power Sand Special-S

Christmas tree moss
and some plant from singapore lol

Order status:
PFERTZ- December 26
EHEIM 2217- December 31
Crystal Red Shrimp- Jan 5

What I need:
ADA Drop Checker
ADA Lily Pipe
ADA Pollen Glass CO2 Diffuser
Glass inflow and outflow

more plants? lol

I'm sorta broke at the moment and slowly trying to acquire nice equipment one piece at a time.
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yeah, i just edited the post above. lol
Cant wait to see the hardscape with horn wood. I plan on getting some whenever I rescape.
What stand did you get from target? Do you have the link?
Yeah i have pictures saved on my phone's memory and not the micro SD card so it wont let me upload onto my laptop.

if anyone has an HTC HD2 please help. LOL
Koralia 2 powerhead is going to have way to much flow.
the Koralia 2 is perfect. The hc is still on the bottom and the moss is still attached to the wood even though i didnt tie it that good.
I only purchased one piece of wood. it was really expensive. =[

Power Sand and Aquasoil in the tank:

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who knew tying down moss would be so time consuming?

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I'm pretty sure it's hornwood because that's what it was labeled at the store. what's the difference between the two?
FTS December 20, 2010:

Archaea CO2 Diffuser:

The co2 diffuser works really well. so far im getting very nice micro bubbles. I was using the Lees Discard-A-Stone and that didnt work too good.

Purchased two red cherry shrimps and two pea puffers last night. They are doing really good. The shrimps started nipping at algae on my plants right away. So far the puffer hasn't harassed my shrimps. I hope it stays that way.

Things to do within the next week:

-Add an Eheim filter
-Remove Koralia 2
-Remove the rock on my wood.
-Start dosing ADA Brighty K
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I dont really know much about dosing. any advice or suggestions?

should i got with ada ferts or Pfertz?
For the price I would use dry ferts. You'll have more control of your ferts also.
I use Pfertz. I find it lasts longer than the ADA line-up (making it cheaper in the end).
I use Pfertz as well with great results as well. Just tried root medic as well for another tank but no track record yet.

Both are easy to start with as you decide if you want to go dry as you learn. Definitely less expensive way to go.
Okay, so an order from pfertz is on it's way as soon as christmas is over. what should i order from them? i was thinking of the high tech solution (N,P,K,M). Right now i have only two watt T5HO bulbs. The brand is Glo and it's 6700K. I've been keeping reef tanks for a while and i know that the glo bulbs are crap when it comes to saltwater, does the same go for planted tanks?

should i add two more bulbs? will it be an overkill? and if i should get more bulbs, what do you guys recommend?
Tanks looking good so far, jealous of the 60p. I ordered pfertz for when I set my tank up, as I've read nothing buy good about it, so hopefully it works well enough.
Tank looks nice. And that wood is really nice. AND you have dwarf puffers! Love everything about your tank :thumbsup:
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