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I've been into both reef and planted tanks for many years now. I've had a few awesome SPS dominant reefs, but the planted tanks always draw me back. I've done everything from a planted 1g Betta tank to a decked out 25g cube, but I always tend to favor smaller tanks.

I have several builds here on PT, but this one is something I have been brainstorming for years. I dropped into ADG here in Houston last week and it sparked my motivation. Plans are:

ADA 60p
ADA 601 or Kessil Tuna Sun 150
Custom built stand from ADG
Eheim 2215
Cal Aqua lilypipes
GLA CO2 system with inline diffuser
ADA Amazonia substrate

For right now just planning dwarf hairgrass, a bunch of shrimp ported over from my 5g planted (b&w crystals and various colors of rili), Betta, tetras, and rasbora's.

ADG is closed until Tuesday unfortunately, but will be there first thing to get this all kicked off! Can't wait to start aquascaping and get it filled!!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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