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This is my ADA 60-P that has been running for about 5 months now. it is heavily inspired by Nick's ADA 120-P.

ADA 60-P
Eheim 2234
Fishneedit 70W MH w/ 8000K Bulb
Hydor 200W Inline Heater
Pressurized CO2 using Rhinox 2000 Diffuser

Flora :
HC (Hemianthus callitrichoides)
Unknown Crypts
Christmas Moss
Anubia Nana Petite

Fauna :
24 Ember tetras
3 Otos
Unknown number of Neocardina Shrimp

Water Change/Dosing :
30% water change every week using RO/DI water with GLA Gh Booster
Dose N & K using Pfertz every alternate day
Dose Micros and P once a week.

This tank has gone through several iterations:

Current FTS:

FTS: 10/15/2012

FTS: 9/12/2012

Pictures of my fish wall :

The ADA Mini M used to be a planted tank, but now has been turned into a reef:

Thanks for looking.

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I think it looks great! You captured the look of speedie's tank very nicely!
Thanks, I appreciate the comment, the idea was to achieve the same balance speedie has in his tank. I am constantly tweaking things to get it just right. All i need now is a good camera ;).

Really cool tanks, diggin the workbench aquarium nook, I need to do something similar with my tanks. Great consolidation!
:proud: Keeping all the tanks together helps me consolidate things and share resources like timers, I have a reefkeeper lite controller that controls the lights and co2 for the planted tank along with the lights for the reef.
Also all my aquarium related stuff is confined to one corner of the house, this keeps the girlfriend happy :hihi:

Nice tanks! What are you doing with that tank far far right?
The tiny 4 gallon is going to be a SSS Grade CRS tank, I just planted it with moss. I am going to let it run for a month or two till everything fills in.

That place used to be occupied by a Quarantine tank for Saltwater, ich seems to be a bigger nuisance in the saltwater world and is also more common.

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What a fun little corner of fish tanks! Where do you have this set up?
Thanks Devin, I have them setup in my home, just outside the kitchen, I get nice views from both the kitchen and the living area.
The Riparium plants that you sent across have been doing great, I hacked them down by over half, just before I took the picture.

The most recent FTS looks sweet! My favorite.

the addiction continues...
Thanks, :icon_mrgr
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