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Hardware so far:

ADA 60p
Cadlights 22g stand (incoming)
Finnex Ray 2 dual 7k
Eheim 2217 (incoming)
Aquatek CO2 Regulator [Ebay Link Removed]
eBay Lily Pipes (immediately broke the outflow, will need to order a new one)
ADA Matt
Atomic Diffuser from GLA
Hydor In Line heater 200w

Hornwood M
Amazonia 9L
SEIRYU Stone from Adana

My first venture into the Iwagumi style.

I think I may have made a critical mistake starting out.

The 17-ish gallon ADA 60p may have been too large for me to begin with. I'm beginning to think maybe I should have started with a Mini-L or Mini-M. I'll have to ponder this over and start to consider converting the 60p to a reef tank.

If I do stick with the 60p I know I'm probably going to need more rock and a much bigger piece of driftwood. I'm also considering having a small sand channel like a lot of people seem to be doing.

This tank just feels a bit massive right now. The plan is to move my dwarf puffer fish over to this tank and possibly a couple of small friends with it. I'm still debating if larger shrimp will work in this tank with the puffers, probably not, but some people have had success.

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