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For my birthday I was lucky enough to receive an ADA 60f and the kit to go along with it. I'll be putting a lot of my savings into this project too.

For hardscape, I'm using 11kg of Frodo Stone

ADA 60f

ADA Aquasoil Powder Type (3L and 9L bag)
Lava Rock underneath

Twinstar 600e
Inline dimmer

Eheim ecco canister
Glass inflow and outflow

Sodastream system
Aquario Neo Diffuser

Ferts (EI dosing):
DIY macros
Easy Life Profito micros

Planting (most likely):
HC cuba
Hydrocotyle Tripartita Japan
Rotala H'ra
Undecided moss (maybe Riccardia)

I will also be using remineralised RODI water, my tap water is so hard that I struggle with some species. I also don't want to have to deal with so much mineral deposit on the waterline, especially since this tank will evaporate fast.

I was very keen to have emersed hardscape with some emersed plant plant growth, possibly mosses growing out on top of the rocks.


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Congrats on finishing your mocks, looking forwards to seeing where this goes!

Also very jealous that you managed to source an ADA tank in the UK :D
Thanks! I ended up having the tank shipped over from Aquasabi in Germany. Otherwise I think Aquarium Gardens and Aqua Depot have a limited selection of ADA goods

I spent quite a while scaping the tank and here is the result so far:

I'm going for a continuous rock layout, so I wouldn't call it an Iwagumi. My main inspiration is The Green Machine's Continuity.

I'm quite pleased with it but I'm totally open to any suggestions. I have 3 stones left over but they are somewhat less similar in colour and texture to the ones in the tank.

I also made a quick timelapse video of the setup

With regards to filtration, I have found a JBL CristalProfi Greenline e901 locally but potentially that will be way too much flow.


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I've messed around with the scape and have lowered the substrate, I'll probably do some more this week. I'm still happy with how it looks although it is kind of symmetrical.

I also bought a JBL CristalProfi e901 which is overkill but I can reduce the flow :) Great deal at £40 and it runs very quiet. All of the media is coarse sponge though! New Cal Aqua inflows look great too, they are pricey but worth it since I don't have to use a huge lily pipe in there.

I should be flooding the tank next week but I have a small leak in the RO system which I need to fix. Will be cycling the tank before planting to avoid plant melt :)


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I had a bit of a mess around on photoshop as a kind of planting plan, still unsure of what to use in the background though!

- Rotala H'ra (as an accent)
- Pogostemon Erectus
- Pogostemon Sellatus
- Hemianthus Micranthemoides
- Something else (any suggestions?)

I think I will likely use the H'ra in the back left or right corner, and it can grow primarily emersed as it is quite shallow there.

Not the best photoshop work but I think it gives some perspective :)

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