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Ada 60-f

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Wood Flooring Floor Laminate flooring Hardwood

equipment, still need a light

Wood Rectangle Flooring Floor Wood stain

ADA 60-F

Wood Computer desk Cloud Output device Television

the final substrate positioning!

specifications for the time being
Aquarium: ADA 60-F
Substrate: ADA Aquasoil Africana regular type and Powersand special
Filter: EHEIM Classic 150
Light: none yet, planning on getting marineland LED light, i will update ya on which one when the time comes
Livestock (plants, fish, inverts, etc.)

This thread will be updates every time i can get something new for it or something wonderful/terrible happens, and, just for checkups, so remember to subscribe.:bounce:
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I actually ordered a light from AFA in cali, should be here next week, overnight shippment is like 90 bucks and i have no such cash XD i think i ordered the
ARCHAEA SLIM-PRO AQUATIC PLANT LED FIXTURE (FOR 60CM TANK) so yeah, i am excited, i have heard mixed reviews on this light but i am not planning ondoing anything above mid level light, maybe eleocharis parvula mini, but it is a very shallow aquarium so that should be fine.

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Been a while, the tank is coming along, it has been set up with hairgrass and cs ward penny wart and it is really taking off WITHOUT CO2! Just excel ;)
Pics coming soon
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