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ADA 20 gallon tank or Seaclear 20 gallon acrylic??

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Hi guys,

Was wondering if any of you had experience with the Seaclear 20 gallon acrylic tank? I'm considering these 2 tanks.

They are both around 150, but there are probably 15% off Petco coupons that can bring the price down even more.

The advantages I see of the Seaclear are supposed better clarity, weighs less, and you can get it clear, or with a blue or black back. However, the top isnt open, and there are only a few slots to put stuff in, which means you can't put a light on top with the 4 legs that attach to the edges of the tank.

For the ADA, obviously since there is no top, you can put a light on there with 4 legs and it will be okay. You also don't have to worry about fitting anything in the small slots on the top of the Seaclear. Are there any glass frameless tanks like the ADA that are cheaper?
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I'm sure the quality and craftsmanship of the ADA is quite superior to that of the Seaclear. Personally, given the choice, I would choose the ADA 60-H
where do you get ada stuff?
or if your in san francisco aqua forest.
:drool: then :eek: get your credit card ready
For me, I see no competition; ADA all the way. Looks much more sleek.

For an ADA 60-H from ADG,
For an ADA 60-H from AFA,

Both are $150, but the factor would be shipping, I guess.
I'll agree the ADA does look more sleek and attractive. Are there any other ADA type tanks that are of similar quality but less expensive?
another thing to think about with the acrylic tank, if you are not going to put a canopy over it the top works like fiber optics, if your light is near the edge of the opening in the top when you look at it from the front the top looks like a light shining out at you, very annoying.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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