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Actual length of Coralife 31W T5HO bulb

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Can anyone tell me what the actual length of the 31W T5HO bulbs from Coralife is? I know they call them 30", but I need the exact physical dimensions.

I'm working on a custom 3xT5HO fixture, and I am wondering if I can fit the 31W bulbs in it. I'm using a case from an old Odyssea fixture, which measures about 29.5" long. The light is going on a 29g, about 30" wide. The problem with 24W bulbs is they are too short and leave the ends of the tank too dark, so I would love to install the 31W bulbs.

Many thanks in advance,

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They are 27 3/4" long. Welcome to the site fellow Minnesotan.
I'm looking for a retrofit kit for that size bulb - did you find one?
Thanks Capsaicin! That should fit just fine.
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