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Active asian community stock list.

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The asian catfish thread got me thinking.

What kind of active asian stock list could I put in a 40 breeder? I want black ruby barbs and some sort of danios. What would typically go in a tank like that?
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I have harlequin rasboras and I really love them. They are not as frenetic as danio and they shoal nicely now that I have gourami. I also have a small population of ricefish. They are also very active. I worried that they would be eaten, but I guess everyone is well fed and peaceful enough to let them be.

I am a big fan of badis badis (blue/chameleon badis). The males are colorful and they are responsive to people. The females also shift between brown and black stripes in an entertaining way. They'll hover at the front when they see you and wait for food. I've had them eat from my fingers. The downside is that most will not eat dried foods, but I haven't met any that won't eat frozen bloodworms.
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