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Activated Carbon in an Eheim cannister filter?

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I've got an Eheim 2232 and have been confused on the best method of using activated carbon, I read somewhere that normal activated carbon is not recommended. I've also seen that the carbon pad they give doesn't do much... this is what I've experienced.

I've spent a good time searching around here and on google as well so I apologize if I missed this somewhere, it seems like something basic that people would have had an issue with, but I haven't found an answer yet.

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It hurts...your wallet. :)

Activated carbon loses it's "cleansing effects" 2-3 weeks after you use it. Useful for removal of medications or tannins from the water.

Otherwise, I'd stick to Purigen since it's rechargable, and IMO, does a better job of making my water look clear. If you have a bad tannin problem or medication, I'd still throw a bag of carbon in for a few weeks or so, in addition to the Purigen.
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