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Activated Carbon in an Eheim cannister filter?

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I've got an Eheim 2232 and have been confused on the best method of using activated carbon, I read somewhere that normal activated carbon is not recommended. I've also seen that the carbon pad they give doesn't do much... this is what I've experienced.

I've spent a good time searching around here and on google as well so I apologize if I missed this somewhere, it seems like something basic that people would have had an issue with, but I haven't found an answer yet.

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AC will pull trace out of the column, so we don't use it unless removing tannins etc. But you can use it as a bacterial medium.
Do you have any info that shows that this is true?

In the above link from the Barr report it's mentioned that if this is true it's effects are minimal.

Ideas seem to get perpetuated without any info to back them up. Not saying it isn't true, I just don't know that it is without more info.
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