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Activ-Flora Substrate Copper nutrients and PFR Shrimp??

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I'm am so discouraged right now! I went on the Petco website and they had Eco-Complete Black substrate (not sand.) I called my local store and they did not have any in stock but called another store and they did. They had 2 bags brought up to my local store and I went in and picked up tonight.

Since I have never used Eco-Complete I didn't pay attention to the name on the bag. I was more concerned making sure the substrate was the finer type gravel and not sand. I got home tonight and started looking at the directions and noticed that it is NOT Eco but a brand called Activ-Flora! It contains 19 (ppm?) Copper, along with aluminum, nickel, zinc.

Is this type and amount of copper okay for shrimp? I bought it to change out my supposed "red" Flourite that is light pink. I wanted a dark plant and shrimp friendly substrate to brighten up my PFR's and contribute to my plant growth.

There is not alot of info online about my question...Does anyone have experience with Activ-Flora and shrimp??

Thank you!