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Actinic any good?

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I bought a Coralife 24" inch fixture with a 10k bulb and Actinic bulb. I have a 20L tank with Jello Co2 injection. Right now I'm only running the 10k bulb, would the actinic bulb be a good idea or should I leave it off?

I'm thinking about switching the Actinic out for a 65k bulb, would two 65 watt bulbs be too much? The fixture is about a foot above the tank so a lot of brightness is lost before it hits the tank.
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i say go for it. i've had a lot more success with switching back to my 50/50 bulb. i've never seen more pearling in my life.
I say make the decision based on your own esthetic preferences. If you like the appearance with the actinic bulb then use it. That is an awful lot of light for that size tank, but raising it as you have probablly reduces it adequately.
Thanks, I guess I'll just have to experiment. Seems the Actinic won't hurt anyways.
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