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Acrylic thickness?

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I'm thinking of trying my hand at building a nano tank 2-4 gallons, and wanted to know if it's possible to use 3mm acrylic, or if I would just be inviting disaster? I know that for large tanks 1/4 inch (6mm) is recommended but wasn't sure if that was the base thickness you should start with, or if it was purely down to the fact that most DIY tanks tend to be 20 gallons and up.
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3mm? I'm not an expert but sounds like 2-4 gallons of water on the floor

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That's why I thought it best to ask, my line of logic was that quite often cheap fish bowls and containers were roughly that thickness and getting thicker, or glass locally is tricky. I will try and track down either some glass or 3/4 acrylic then
Easy way to find out, use an online acrylic thickness aquarium calculator. lol.
Never knew it existed, thank you for the link! Even takes the brainwork out of panel sizes.
The thinner the acrylic the harder it is to make the 'glue' (I know it is not really glue) get where you want it, and to do its job. The thinner material might not fail because of material failure (bowing), but because it is so hard to work with that fine a material. Then the material bows, and the seam that was not quite good enough from the start fails.
The thicker materials are easier to make it right, and the less bowing is better.
That makes a lot more sense now. I was playing with some Plexi from my bits box trying to figure out if it was down to the strength, I might have a play and see if I can find a way to work it (without anything living inside) and see how it holds up.
I do quite a few projects with very small adhesive footprints that I've had to improvise around before. I don't doubt that it's a definately risky project, but I enjoy working on things like that. Will grab a few bits to play with later in the week. If it works I will repot back, if not I will keep it to myself lol
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