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So I was unable to reset my password after the recent issues and had to make a new account. My own fault for not remembering to update my email when my ISP changed but still annoying.

So a recap of what I'm working on now;
6 gallon edge that I'm about to do a total teardown on. It's just never worked so it's time to try something new with it......up in the air as to what though at the moment.

40B semi aggressive community(Tiger Barbs, Redtailed black shark, Abramites, Albino BN, Botia Dario, Forest Jewel Hemichromis pair.

40B hardwater cherry barbs, furcatus rainbows,

Both 40's are eventually getting torn down one to be a sump and the other to be a frag tank for a reef tank.

29 mixed reef

29.....was supposed to be an SPS based reef but it's been a struggle so I'm going to adapt it to Euphyllia mostly.

125 with a 40L sump; still in the new tank cloudy stage, but intentions are a Otter Point Jake harem and a large school of Lake Inle Danios

Regardless I'm back online after being locked out for the last couple of days so back to building up my post count and relocating my favorite sellers :)
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