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ebichu, I'm sorry nobody answered your post.
I did a forum search and it seems there is very
little discussion on improving PLANT acclimation.

I'm having similar headaches with mosses.
when I got my first Xmas moss it took 2 Months
before it really started growing aggressively.

now I'm having the same delayed reaction to
my tank with Taiwan Moss and Fissiden, so
it's really frustrating not knowing if there is
anything more I can do to accelerate the
acclimation process.

Now I understand why people try to get
as much moss as possible at the start,
because it takes so long to grow out.
once it starts growing, you can't get
rid of the excess stuff fast enough!

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Yeah, I believe that the directions for ADA AS recommend a 50% wc every two days initially, gradually expanding the time in between for a few weeks, until you're just doing it once a week. Personally, I do wc's about 2x a week, but if I didn't have a python, I would not be doing it nearly as much.
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