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I asked on here about issues with cardinals a few weeks ago, and am back for more advice on the same.

I'm not ready to try the cardinals again, but want to get some advice for when I do. I may just be doomed without going to RO water, but I'd like to try. My water runs about 8.2 ph, and is pretty hard (I know - very much NOT ideal for cardinals). I took Gh and Kh readings, but I would have to check my records to remember what they were.

I will definitely quarantine for a good long while whenever I buy the next batch. I'm wondering if it would be advisable to set up the quarantine tank with RO water (not willing to go this route for all tanks, all the time, but would purchase enough to keep the QT/acclimation tank going), and somehow gradually move over to my normal water over the time they're in QT, so that they're in my normal water for a week or two before moving to the main tank. The place I got the last batch from (and would likely return to for my next ones) uses RO water with a ph of 7 in their tanks, and that would be the water I would purchase for the QT tank. Is there a way to do this and make it work, or would they be better off just being drip acclimated straight into my normal water when I bring them home, or is there just absolutely no way I will ever be able to keep cardinals under those water conditions?

Thanks for the help/advice!
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