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Acceptable fish load

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I am in the planning stages of setting up a 20 gallon planted tank. I want to go low tech (no co2, medium light), and was thinking of using java moss, java ferns and some type of grassy plant. Since the plant selection was sort of asian themed I was thinking of going with that theme overall. Would a 20 gallon tank be too small for 6 tiger barbs? Also, do you think I would still have room for some kuhli loaches and a shrimp or two? Would the barbs mess with them? I would want to have at least 4 or 5 kuhli loaches. What do you think?
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6 tiger barbs would be fine in a 20g. They would almost certainly mess with any shrimp you add. An addition of 4-5 Kuhli's would be overstock IMO. I know most people suggest a group this size, but I think just two would put you on the heavy end of an acceptable bioload, unless you plan to move to a bigger tank as they grow. Whether or not your loaches would be bothered will depend on the temperment of the barbs you get. My tiger barbs never bother anyone but each other.
I would disagree with Cheesehead on the tiger barbs. For an active fish that can reach three inches in length a twenty would be small for six. Also a twenty gallon would be little room for fish to escape any aggression. JMO
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