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About to start dosing ..are these the right fertilizers?

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Guys i am new to planted tanks and i want to start with dosing fertilizers .. i want to know if these fertilizers are correct and sufficient or theres something else needed.. also i have a low light (36w) light on my 35g tank .. how much will these last for me??

heres the link
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Yes, those look like the correct chemicals. Those amounts should last you quite a while.
+1 on Darkblade48
Actually you have a couple of extra nutrients there which you might not need to use.
The fert calculator should list all of them.
Extra: for exampe K2SO4 is sometimes substituted for some of the KNO3 if your tank
has high nitrates from a heavy stocking load of fish but is not normally included in a
dosing list. They both supply the "K" but in the KNO3, the NO3 adds nitrate.
I use it this way because of a bit high nitrate level and use equal amounts 50/50
of the K2SO4 and KNO3 to get my normal size dose of KNO3 in order to cut some
of the nitrate in that tank.
Don't try to make it less simple than it is, however. Worry about whether your nitrates may get a tad high later after you get started. Personally, I wouldn't even pay too much mind to the fert calculator just yet either. Dosing ferts is as simple as it gets. Bringing in ideas that you need to swap this for that when you haven't even gotten rolling can be discouraging.

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