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Hi all, love this site!!

I have a 5 gallon flat back hex aquarium that I am planning a planted set-up in and have a question about the lights.
I plan on using the 2 bulb incandescent hood but am going to use 2 10 watt screw in CF instead of the stock lamps. This would give me approx. 4 watts per gallon which I assume in a small tank is considered low-medium light correct?
Also the tank comes with a clear fitted plastic hood. Is it OK to leave the plastic hood on or should I just set the lights on top without the hood? I was wondering how much light "loss" there will be from the light having to go through the clear plastic.

BTW, I am planning on Java Fern, Anubia Petite, and maybe some Java Moss with a HOB filter a heater and some neons and a snail. Not sure about ferts yet.......still researching that one. ;)

Thanks all!!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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