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A Video tale of the Giant Gourami, Piglet

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Starring the loveable Piglet and co-compatriots Millie and Savannah, this epic tale of drama follows Piglet's adventure from one "small pond" to a new home. Will Piglet the Giant Gourami make it? Can Millie watch? Can the ADG crew pull it off in time?! The answers to these nail-biting questions are finally answered in ...the latest ADG Vibe video production!
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Dang that is one big tank.
Just... just pure coolness. You guys have the best job in the world.
Awesome looking. What was the green and black striped fish?
I love these videos that you guys produce. Thanks for sharing them with us!
That is one massive tank. Piglet is extremely awesome too.
And i agree with Jake. You guys do indeed have the best job in the world. :thumbsup:
I love Piglet! He is so big. And I want that tank!!!!!
I've seen those for sale... for eating. I actually almost bought one, to eat, couple months ago. I admit... he kinda looks tasty lol.

Anyways, I love the commentary very fun to listen to.
I'm pretty sure you could keep an actual pig in a tank that size.
That was amazing to watch! Great job.
How do you not crack the bottom of the tank walking on the gravel????
I think I've lived in dorm rooms with less space than that tank.
I wish I could just spend a day in my tanks, hopefully I will get enough for that to happen :thumbsup:

I have a goat named Millie, she is our milker.
I'm lovin the Borzoi lounging on the sofa. Typical sighthound. :) Great video!!
Thats amazing
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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