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I have two planted aquariums. One (110 gal.) has pH-controlled CO2 (pH=6.5) and an Eheim 2217 filter. Soil substrate covered with Turface, 15 years old. Temp. is 82ºF. Lighting is 2 T-5's. I add nothing except makeup water, fish load is essentially zero.

Second one (90 gal.) is also pH-controlled CO2 (6.0 pH) with 2 T-5's for lighting and Turface for substrate. Fish load is moderate, with light feeding. For filtration I've used a wet-dry that's sealed, with Matrix and sponge elements in series, as well a Purigen filter.

The 110 gal. looks impeccable. Crystal-clear water, no trouble, loaded with java fern, Amazon sword, crypts etc. It looks (and acts) "healthy".

The 90 gal. is a ****hole. Diatomaceous brown "dust" on plants, poor plant growth, BBA in places etc. Water changes just seem to exacerbate the diatom problem. Both tanks have been in place for over 2 years.

Phosphates, nitrates and iron on the 90 are fine. Same water source. (I ran a new water line to the 90-gal. to bypass the water softener).

I'm beginning to believe that SOMETHING is causing the plant problem. (fish are fine). Anyone ever have issues with urethane foam, window screen, acrylic or other materials leaking toxins into the water?

An "aquarium-sitter" idiot poured (I believe) a 1/2 gallon of Excel into the 90 thinking it was water, but I've done numerous water changes since then. No chlorine in our supply (well water).

The only "foreign materials" now in the water column are acrylic, fine mesh screen, pet-proof window screen, aquarium-grade sponge and Eheim bio-material.

Anyone have any ideas??

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