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A Sunsun question

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Well, I got my new filter hooked up and the thing would not prime. After fighting it I finally just filled it up with water then primed it and it started right up.

My question for the sunsun users, or anyone who has used one, what is the best way to DIY the intake and output? I cant get the spray bar to stay on. Would a barbed fitting and PVC be the best way to go? Thanks.
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After some research I am thinking of going with some loc-line and a PVC spraybar. That would give me some flexibility to set the flow where its needed and still be a little more rigid than it is now. Does anyone use a setup like this?
What issues are you having with your intake and output? I have never had issues with mine staying on.
I have two 302's and 403 and the spraybar stays on on all of them.. That is until the elbow cracks from messing with it too much, but otherwise yeah, they're fine.

Are you having issues at the elbow connection for thr spraybar or where the tubing connects to the plastic?
Its on the output where the spraybar elbow connects to the u-shaped tubing. It is a loose fit and the flow "blows" the elbow with the spraybar off.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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