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a small dilema

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im setting up a new tank where i would like the hardscape to really be the focus, but id still like to have a few plants, for contrast and focal points...

i was wondering if there are many plants out there to dont feed through the root system, i.e, i can just use a non fertilizer substrate and let photosynthesis and the water column do the job for me.

is this possible, or is my plan for sheer laziness going to be crushed?
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java ferns.... you'd have to try to kill it. And maybe some sort of anubias.
Some plants you can attach to the rock or wood hardscape. Anubias, java fern, moss. As long as you dose the water column you will be fine. Those are also lower light plants that you may be able to get away with little dosing, weekly or ever few days depending on light. See photos of my 55 gallon, that tank just has regular gravel. I dose the water column, nothing to the substrate and everything grows great. You dont HAVE to have a special plant substrate to grow plants
ya pretty much all that's around are ferns, mosses, and anubias. just make sure u be patient, and in due time, they will grow strong =)
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