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I just wanted to share the general outline of my newest build!

The Goal: A 12g long mr aqua tank set up in the igwami or Amano style with the only fauna being shrimp.

The Hitch I will not be spending ANY money on this build. I plan on financing this entirely off of the sale of plants (locally) and fish (on that topic, anybody want a pinoy ghost x veil double dose pb ghost angel proven pair?).

Estimated Costs:
Mr. Aqua 12g Long Tank: $80
ADA Amazonia: $90 (does 2 bags sound about right?)
Shrimp: $100 (probably CBS or CRS, possibly something more . interesting though)
Lighting: $100 (may use T8's or CFL's due to ease)
Hardscape: $50
Estimated total: $430

So far I have sold $30 worth of plants, $30 worth of guppies, and have 3 proven BN pairs which I will soon be auctioning off on AB (they seem to bring about $35 on average each pair) assuming the BN sell.....

Money raised: $150
Money left to raise: $280
% of goal reached: 34.9

For sale next: angel pair, FP. gardneri Makurdi trio, and a 20gH tank.

First ordered will be the tank obviously, then substrate, then hardscape, then lights.

If anyone has any advice on products I should add to my list let me know! (no I didn't forget a filter, I have a few precycled sponge filters I will be using, which while ugly yes, will do until I get around to making new lily pipes)

Also: if anyone has any substrate to suggest over Amazonia, anywhere cheap to get it, or any deals on any of the items listed also shoot me a pm!
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