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A simple re-introduction, scolley saying "Hi"!

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Hey folks,

I'm sure most of you don't know me from Adam. And I've not really spent time on this forum for a few years, so why should you? So it stands to reason that we are "strangers" online, though in years past I've been a massively - and happily - engaged member of this wonderful forum. :smile:

However, I've been away, though I plan on spending a bit of quality time here over the next few months. So I thought I should say "Hi!" to those few that will recognize my screen name. :wink:

Since my time on PT I moved most of my posting to SimplyDiscus, primarily because I needed support in supporting a large planted discus tank. And "Surprise! Surprise!", they knew all about discus, but I was WAY out in front of them as far as keeping discus in a planted tank. And why? Because of what you taught me so well here about planted tanks, and the challenges there-in. Thanks!

Then the reef bug bit me and I've spent the last few years on ReefCentral. Still spending time there actually, serving as a founding director of a local reef club. It's really, really cool stuff. However, setting up and maintaining a reef tank is a massively expensive expenditure. I've got two tanks. A 33g reef and a 180g planted fresh. Stocking the 33g with quality corals and saltwater fish cost a TINY fraction of stocking a 180g with plants and freshwater fish. And that's why I'm posting now.

In my planted discus tank the discus have all died of old age. Bummer. And converting that tank to a reef tank would require a 2nd mortgage. So it's time for a major re-scape. And since I'm not made of money, it's going to be a f/w planted scape. But I'm SURE the state of the art has changed massively in the 5 years or so since I've been active here. So that's why I'm back... I've got LOTS of leaning to do! Particularly learning what the best practices that have been adopted in the years that I've been away.

So please expect STUPID questions from me... a "guru" no more to be sure. LOL!

Thanks in advance for your guidance. :proud: I very much look forward to reconnecting with my old friends, and - maybe even better - making new ones!

Cheers - Steve
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Haven't seen this name pop up in forever. I was directed to your DIY thread when I was going to make my own aquarium back in 2009. I'm sure there are more than a handful of people here that would be willing to help you get back on track with up-to-date information on scaping ideas.

Welcome back!
Welcome back!
Thank you SO much!

I've got no doubt that while i felt I had great handle on the "truth" of planted tank husbandry when i moved on... I've got NO doubt that this intelligent community has moved on to raise the bar of "accepted practice". And i very much want to learn from you before i rescape a new tank.

What goes around comes around! Glad i could help you years ago. Now maybe you can help me. ;)
Hi scolley,

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back!
Thank you thank you thank you. ;)
Thanks Bigstick! Got a lot to catch up on. Lots of lurking I guess. :)

In rescaping my 180 I've modified my goals a bit since i was last hanging out here. While in the past my number on goal was "Wow!" factor... Trying to elicit that reaction from people when the walked in the room. And my planted discus tank did that pretty well. However it was too much work.

So my number one goal in rescaping is minimizing maintenance. I ABSOLUTELY will not be spending time every weekend - or even every other weekend - with my arms in the tank. My little reef tank requires about 90 minutes maintenance every weekend, and thats quite enough tank maintenance for me thank you.

So I guess its time to start looking for slow growing plants...

And whats the going rate on Cherry shrimp these days? Ive got a few thousand. Really. :)
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Welcome back. I want to get some discuss one day so I may try and pick your brain at some point for advice, hope that's okay. When you have some time post a few pictures of your stuff would love to see what you got.

Oh and I would love to get some of those cherry shrimp just let me know what your planning on doing. I don't have any shrimp now so if you've so many and are looking to get rid of them I would be interested in getting a decent sized colony for my 75 gallon.
Thanks aquarist. Happy to help with the discus. Finicky, difficult fish. But beautiful.

What the tank looks like now is barely worth a picture. As my discuss started dropping off from old age, I stopped maintaining the tank. I was just waiting for the last one to croak so I could rescape. So it's not had a single plant trimmed in like a year. Nor the glass cleaned. So it's turned into a Taiwan Moss jungle. I've got enough of the stuff to fill 2 or 3 5 gallon buckets. And it's got big anubias leaves growing out of the top of the tank. I'm talking some more than three feet above the top of the water. LOTS of big anubias poking out the top. It's kind of funny really... an aquatic jungle. :)

As for the shrimp, I think I'll be looking to sell them... hopefully help offset the cost of new plants.
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Welcome back! I think the going rate for rcs is something to the tune of 20 for $20 shipped. Make sure and snap a before pic as you're tearing it down. :)
Just let me know about the shrimp, I might also be interested in getting some of your old plant trimmings when your ready. Just keep me posted don't want to miss out on my shrimp colony. =D
I joined around the time you started leaving. But that didn't stop me from reading all your DIY threads.

So glad your back.

Now if we can get medicineman to update his thread...all the awesome threads will be revived.
Hi Steve! I'm one of the fairly new members. It's nice to see some "new old blood"! I don't have a lot of unusual plants, but if you're looking for anything, let me know. I've gotten a lot of my plants through RAOKs here, and would be more than happy to share them back!
Its been a while Steve! Glad to have you back! ;)
So glad your back.
Thank you very much. But I've forgotten so much, I suspect what you've gotten back is more of a recipient of information than a giver of information. ;)

I don't have a lot of unusual plants, but if you're looking for anything, let me know. I've gotten a lot of my plants through RAOKs here, and would be more than happy to share them back!
That's VERY kind of you! Thank you! This has always been a really "nice" community. You are once of muliple people that have offered my plants. I'm humbled. And appreciative. Thank you!

Its been a while Steve! Glad to have you back! ;)
Well, well, well. If it is not my old friend KyleT. :)

It's good to be back Kyle. Thank you sir!

I'm thru with my discus experiment. And my reef tank is in "grow out" mode (finally), so it's back to the Kahuna. Got to make something nice out of the train wreck that tank has become. (Posted a picture here - for anyone that wants a good scare.) Thanks for saying "Hi". :) I trust our paths will cross again soon. ;)
Hey I remember scolley from years ago.

Welcome back!
I recognize your username. It might have been from past threads though because I wasn't that active when you were still hanging around. Also that tank you call a disaster looks amazing in my opinion. Can't wait to see what you do to it.
Welcome back!
Hydrophyte! Been a few years... thanks!

..that tank you call a disaster looks amazing in my opinion.
I'm amazed that you find that amazing. Really. But thank you.

It's going to take a lot of research and planning before I'm ready to re-scape. Maybe I should do a little trimming and see if it can be shaped up a bit? Could be an interesting little exercise...
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