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Hey TPT members, I am moving and tearing down my tanks (for the most part) - so I have a lot for sale. I'm selling off my plants one-by-one as the move approaches, and my first lot is A. Reineckii 'mini!

All are snail-free fully rooted stems! Some of the older leaves may have very light dust algae (it was growing so thickly my oto's could get to it). Choose from package options below:

- XL "Take it ALL!" package: 30 stems, $62 shipped (gotta up the box size for this one)
- Large "Gimme half" package: 15 stems, $33 shipped (2 available)
- Medium package: 10 stems, $25 shipped (3 available)
- Small package: 5 stems, $17 shipped (6 available)

The more you buy, the more you save. PM for more details.

... I've grown these guys from puny trimmings and are sad to say bye, but I definitely saved enough of the babies to start again!

If you are looking for L. Cardinalis, Crypt Wendtii, Rotala (what I believe is rotofundila), or Ludwigia rep, let me know, otherwise wait for the next sale.
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