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Aloha TPT members :bounce:,

Been extremely busy finishing up finals and working that I haven’t posted much sense my RAOK.

For someone of you that were following my 40B DUTCH Journal, I shut it down due to work schedule and wedding planning. Hopefully after the big day, I can set it back up. ☺

In the meantime I have a few species available that I can spare! :]

Shipping will start at $7 USPS Priority. Please mind your weather, will not be responsible for DOA or USPS mishaps/delay.

Shipping days:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Saturday.

IMPORTANT: Please message me your FULL SHIPPING ADDRESS with EMAIL ADDRESS you would like your tracking info updated WHEN PM'ing ME. Failing to do so, will delay shipping packaging. So, just make sure somewhere you have your full shipping address :proud:


Myrio Tuberculatum 'Red' - [STRIKE]$3.00 $2.50[/STRIKE] $1.25!!per stem (10 available) I've not seen this plant for sale on TPT for a while/at all individually.

Proserpinaca Palustris (Marsh Mermaid Weed) - [STRIKE]$2.50[/STRIKE] $1.50 per stem (lots available) (10 available)

Ludwigia 'Red' - $1 per stem (12 available)

Hygrophilia 'Pinnatifida' - $2 per plant (6 available)

Alternanthera Reineckii 'Variegated' - $15 per crown (6 crowns available)

Cuphea Anagalloidea - [STRIKE]$3 $2.50[/STRIKE] $2 per stem (10 stems available)

Hygrophilia sp. Araguaia - [STRIKE]$3[/STRIKE] [STRIKE]$2.50per [/STRIKE]stem (limited)

10 stems for $25 shipped! (5 packages available)

Ammania sp. Bonsai (aka. Rotala Indica 'True') - [STRIKE]$3 $2.50 [/STRIKE]per stem

8 stems for $25 shipped! (3 packages available)

Alternanthera Reineckii 'Mini' - [STRIKE]$7[/STRIKE] per rooted plant

5 ROOTED plants for $40 shipped! (6 packages available)


Pogostemon Helferi 'Downoi' -[STRIKE] $5 [/STRIKE]per Crown

6 Crowns for $30 shipped! (6 packages available)

Eriocaulon sp. "Parkeri" - $10 per large plant (8 available)
Best beginner Erio :)

Blyxa Japonica -[STRIKE] $1.50[/STRIKE] $0.75 per plant!

Eriocaulon sp. "Shiga" - $13 per plant
(These are small but more then half the cost of buying an adult. Save $$ and watch your beautiful child grow. ) hehe

Eriocaulon sp. "Cinerum" - $10 per plant
(These are small but more then half the cost of buying an adult. Save $$ and watch your beautiful child grow. ) hehe


Utricularia Graminifolia (UG) - $15 per 2x2

Dwarf Baby Tears (HC) - $5 per 2x2

Blood Vomit - $100 shipped for [STRIKE]5 [/STRIKE] 6 plants
(Most are ready to be split)

Eleocharis Belem (shortest hairgrass version) - $20 per 2x2


Buce sp. 'Mini Catharine' - $30 per plant or 2 for $50

(My buce list. Might have some available just incase you guys were curious. PM me for any interest)

Buce sp. 'Brownie Red'
Buce sp. 'Brownie Jande'
Buce sp. 'Silver Powder'
Buce sp. 'Pink Centipede'
Buce sp. 'Pink Bilbis'
Buce sp. 'Purple Leaf'
Buce sp. 'Kir Adonis'
Buce sp. 'Lagoon Mini'
Buce sp. 'Antyovani #2'
Buce sp. 'Kedegang'
Buce sp. 'Kudagan'
Buce sp. 'Icarus Bell'
Buce sp. 'Icarus Velvet'
Buce sp. 'Theia 3'
Buce sp. 'Mini Catharine'
Buce sp. 'Shiny Blue'


Christmas Moss - $8 per golfball (few remaining)

Mini Pellia 2'x2' - $15 each (6 available)

Hardscape Equipment | Planters | Fertilizer Set:

Manzanita Wood Set - $80 shipped (shipping is pricey, but ill take care of it ;)

This set was hand selected by the one and only Tom Barr in person, meaning your plants will be blessed for fertility :biggrin:. Had it in the water for about 4 months. So, it is water logged and has leached most of its tannins into my tank ;)

Glass Orbs (perfect for growing out rare plants separate from others!)
$25 shipped (2 available)

Seachem/AquaVitro Fertilizer Set! - $70 shipped!
AquaVitro line is 95% full
Excel is 80% full
Flourish500ml 100% full
Everything else is 80% to 90% full

Please feel free in messaging me for any questions regarding my sale thread!

Mahalo Nui Loa,

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