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A Quick Intro......

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First a quick hello and a very humble thank you to all who post such helpful info!:smile:

Now a bit about me...

An old broad, who stumbled on this site after a google search several months ago when I aquired a very nice tank full of filters and misc stuff in a storage unit I bought ......yes, I am one of "those", altho I buy a lot less now that the popular TV shows have doubled the price of the units!

Hubby and I had two reef systems quite a few years ago, a 150gal and a 29gal nano. We had them up for about 9 years but due to the expense and work of reef-keeping they now are gone.

Anywho, back to now.....due to the research and info I have found on here that 13gal tank is doing well and I have since added a 3gal that I picked up at a yard sale (I am cheap - 2 kids in college that I like to think are spending the money I send them eating something other than peanut butter or noodles!).

So, thanks again for the help and maybe at some point I will have a question that cannot be answered without doing a quick search - I will now return to just lurking and reading!:icon_wink

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Welcome! nothing wrong with lurking - I learn a ton now doing the same :)
Welcome to the forum. I lurk on other sites all the time.
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